Matt works as an Editor for Ohio’s largest agriculture publication and I work as a Realtor in central Ohio for a leading real estate brokerage. We have two small children who are our little helpers around our family farm. Matt and I both grew up with farming backgrounds and we feel very strongly about raising our children the same way. It is important that our children are raised with the same values and are very aware of where their food comes from and how much hard work it takes to feed our family and the world’s population. I have been cooking since I was 4 years old with my mom and grandma. I have always loved to make fun fresh foods that made peoples mouths water,  taste buds go crazy and some times just make foods like grandma did. I come from a long line of wonderful cooks and honest critics that have helped make me the cook I am today.   Our goal is to cook with as many local ingredients, meats  and fresh foods from our  garden and share with our customers where their food came from as well as fun facts about Ohio Agriculture.

Matts family has a 30-acre choose and cut Christmas tree operation and Shiitake mushroom production. We are active in every aspect of the family’s Christmas tree operation including planting in the spring, mowing, shearing and farm  maintenance in the summer, and harvesting and working with customers during the sales season. We help make wreathes and arrangements and sell baked goods from the farm gift shop. I grew up as an ag teachers/farmers daughter and we raised  everything from sheep, hogs and dairy feeders. This is how we got the menagerie of things our family has on our own property. We raise and show a flock of Horned Dorset sheep. Most of the sheep are sold to breeders around the U.S. and sold for meat locally.   We also raise meat chickens and raise layers for eggs. We have a little flock of rabbits that we raise and sell to 4-H and FFA members for projects and a local farm supply store. It is a crazy way of life but we cannot imagine it any other way.

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